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The Firm

RittenVest is a boutique Montreal-based real estate investment, advisory and asset management firm founded by Bill Tresham in 2018.


RittenVest combines entrepreneurial spirit with deep sector expertise to identify, advise and execute on compelling value-creating opportunities. The Firm often positions itself as a strategic partner to existing real estate entities in order to provide them with the capital, strategic vision and operational support necessary to pursue their ambitions and achieve their highest potential.


The firm invests in real estate assets, operating businesses, and listed securities. Given its relationships with many of the world’s largest institutional real estate investors, RittenVest has no scale limitations with respect to the opportunities it pursues or advises on.


The Firm’s name refers to the northern Italian commune of Ritten, a little corner of the world inhabited by exceptional people and full of stunning beauty. Bill played professional hockey there in the 1980’s after graduating from Princeton University.

In Our Own Words

“We’re a group of broadly experienced real estate professionals who deeply believe that it is always possible to find under-managed entities and to build high-performing new ones, that it’s never easy to combine great ideas with great execution (but when you do it feels like magic), and that trustworthy people who have proven themselves time after time are the only ones worth having as partners. With decades of experience across various geographies, asset classes and structures, we think we do these things quite well.”

– Bill Tresham, Founder

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